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Pre-configured displays and test data: TPS comes with a standard suite of displays plus additional sample displays and data collected from a variety of projects since its original 1991 release.

Post-flight analysis toolkit: With TPS comes a suite of off-line tools for processing of recorded packet and parameter data. All the tools are aimed at reducing or converting the data either for replay using TPS or incorporation into other software such as spreadsheets. The toolkit provides such tools as packet format conversion, reduction and parameter file splicing.

The key API replaceable components are:

· Telemetry I/O drivers e.g. A/D data acquisition

· Command interface e.g. for telecommand,  feedback control

· Graphical displays e.g. temperature gauges, flow meters

· Menu system  e.g. to enhance the operator interface

· Calibration functions e.g. empirical look-up tables

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Application Programmers Interface (API): TPS has an open architecture which allows you to incorporate your own I/O interface, graphics interface, telecommand Interface and calibration functions. Thus existing telemetry software can be incorporated into TPS without having to completely scrap any older systems. With the API, TPS simply becomes a data acquisition engine around which developers can build their own custom system.

Note that the API is not available with the free TPS 2018 product. Enquire for more information: