Micro SciTech Ltd.
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Micro Scitech is an accomplished Scientific and Technical Design Consultancy specialising in a wide range of requirements for industry and academia.

Contract Services

Embedded control

Test & measurement

Data acquisition

Digital signal processing

Analog and digital design

Mathematical analysis

Algorithm development

Embedded design forms a large part of our contract work, commonly comprising micro-processor based hardware for purposes such as attitude stabilisation and navigation. The design encompasses both analogue and digital electronics and is supplied with prototyped hardware and software.

We also produce the TPS packet Telemetry Processing Software product for real-time and offline monitoring of packet data commonly generated by the telecommunications, satellite and spacecraft industry. More information...

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DEC 31st 2020

As of end 2020, Micro SciTech is no longer trading as a Limited Company. However, it can still be contacted via email at: